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What was the motivation to create this place:

Sirus speaks of his motivation to create Anamika:

At the moment the whole world situation is everything other than peaceful and balanced, so having places for

Meditation & Groups is more than ever needed.

Since I became Osho’s disciple, I was certain that his vision ‘to live in communities instead of small families’ is the solution for mankind. From the very beginning of my journey with Osho 1981,          I started to gather experience in different Osho Ashrams and centres: Vihan Berlin, Uta Köln, Humaniversity Holland, and Osho Parimal (8 years). I twice visited Rajneeshpuram, and made many more visits to the Osho Ashram in Poona.

So my intension to create a place for people to come together and meditate to reach their peace inside was always there.”

After Shantana and me 1996 became to know each other, her interest to know about Osho and this unknown way to reach to self was growing.

We started to have meetings with many musicians artists and people interested in meditation but the space in Germany was not big enough.

1999 we moved from Europe to Goa/India and started again to create space for meeting of such people who are searching to find themselves.

After lots of ups and downs we ended up in Morjim, North Goa. From 2001 -2005 we ran Hotel Nifa, hosting satsangs with Kiran Baba, who stayed with us in January every year, During this time we were looking for the right land,

Until luckily and finally, as we put it:  “the land came to us!”

It took another 3 years to build our vision:

A peaceful and clean atmosphere where people could come together to meditate, attend courses, learn an instrument or cooking skills, or simply spend time around the pool, eat good healthy food, and enjoy fresh air, a nice sea view and a flower-filled garden.  2008 Anamika was born:

A Music & Meditation Centre in Goa

 We have been offering Meditations, Discourses of OSHO and some small facilities for groups mostly with live music and special food. The possibility of accommodation has been small, so we rented a space left side of ANAMIKA and built 4 luxury Bamboo Huts with attached Bathroom.

Last year we received few offers for groups happening here with about 25 people. So we were challenged from existence to create a bigger space for accommodation and food for about 35 people.

Suddenly we got to know that the land behind of ANAMIKA, which was occupied since three years, is free for rent.

This is a huge land with ancient trees, enough land for making groups happening and a beautiful view of sunsets.

Last year me and Shantana visited Osho Nisarga in Himalaya.

We were amazed and touched of the feeling to be in a Buddha field, like many of us know that special feeling. Suddenly there was a longing to be as much as possible in that kind of field, where meditation happens.

19 January 2011 finally was the opening of new Anamika.

We started with No Dimensions Meditation it was very nice to see how some seeds of creation are giving fruits.

Now we have 2 big platforms for groups and trainings, 16 luxury Bamboo Huts with attached bathroom cold and hot water, balcony and enough space for privacy 6m x 4m, a dormitory for 4 persons with outside bathroom.

And lot of SILENCE !

  A new colour of developing for ANAMIKA is taking place...